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Everyone is drawn to those who keep the one,

For there lies rest and happiness and peace.

Passerby may stop for music and good food,

But it is not possible to describe the Tao.

Without Substance or flavour,

It cannot be seen, it cannot be heard,

And yet it cannot be exhausted.

~Lao Tzu

Lama Nicholas Packard

Nicholas Packard was born in the United States and received a post-graduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Philosophy and speaks four languages.  He has traveled worldwide and lived in many parts of the world, including Italy, India, China, and Thailand. But, after many years of writing plays and directing theatre in both America and in Europe, he renounced everything, gave all material goods away and went to live in the Himalayan Mountains in northern India for a period of 10 years. 

After these ten years, Lama Nicholas moved to the mountains of China is search of a spiritual world. There he studied Chinese medicine and philosophy. He trained with Grand Masters such as, GAO yang Meng, Yongqiu Xiao, and Lizhong Chen in the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong and holistic principles of healing.

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I wanted to write about my experience with Nicholas as a healer. Each session I’ve attended has consisted of different elements. They included a number of different modalities which I would loosely describe as; numerology, aqua pressure, common sense, therapeutic listening, clearing and healing techniques. I have benefited greatly from my sessions in a holistic sense that my body, mind and soul have each felt improved during, after and since my sessions. This was unlike any healing I have received before and as a healer myself I have experienced many different types of healing over the years. I think what makes the healing special is that Nicholas addresses all of the person in his work including the emotions, attitudes and the part they play in wellness. He has an amazing capacity for empathy, and I found his practical suggestions for maintaining a healthy mind and body helpful and insightful. `When I came away from the session, I felt lighter, very well and more knowledgeable about my particular issues and what I could do to help and maintain better health. I would recommend his healing highly to people suffering in any area of their lives.

~Frances Basham, London, March 29th, 2017

Last December things were at an extremely low ebb in my life. I’d had a year of crippling back pain and low energy, making normal life impossible. A very dear friend was dying and another dear one seemed destined to be on her way soon with metastasised cancer. I prayed for a miracle, to bring my life back to me and heal my lovely friend with cancer, so that she too wasn’t taken. Very soon after that Master Nicholas arrived in my life and everything, absolutely everything changed. I’ve never met someone with such vast generosity of heart and spirit as Master Nicholas nor such superhuman energy. He’s like a force of nature. Using a combination of numerology and Chinese astrology, as well as acupressure and Tibetan Tantric healing he seemed to restore my connection to my intrinsic nature. I recognised parts of myself I had left behind 30 years ago and began doing things I’d never dreamed I’d do again. Physically I thought nothing much had improved at first but a day or two after the first healing session, the pain began to reduce and, more than anything, I felt a brightening in my whole being, like the sun had come out. I looked like I hadn’t done for years, I felt stronger, clearer, more assured – and gradually life returned. Seeing clients, writing, singing, organizing, making art, saying yes to challenges and possibilities. Thinking of traveling to the East – when before even a 2-hour train journey had felt out of the question! Through subsequent healing sessions he’s helped me to come more into alignment with who I am and what I’m here to do. The guidance I get during healings or just after comes from a level I totally trust. Entering the Tao I’m aware of an outpouring of an inner being who says yes before I can say no. It’s quite disarming, choiceless, like falling back on a soft wind that is propelling me along. I feel like a vessel for the flow of my nature. My friend with cancer is looking better and rosier by the day. From being bedridden she’s been taking part in Nicholas’ talks and qi gong workshops here in Stroud, and after weeks in hospice care is planning to live independently soon and resume her life. I feel very blessed and deeply touched to have met him.

~Lucinda Lidell Stroud March 30th ,2017

On Thursday 23rd March 2017 I attended Master Nicholas’s talk on “Order” (Universal no less!) With his love for humanity and passion for this subject, he took us on an amazing journey from ‘Day One of Creation’ to the explicable (dis)order of today down here on Planet Earth. His premise (and promise) from the start was that he would prove to us that the information he had come to share was not about belief, but scientific fact. I thought the talks was beautifully presented, supported by slides explaining the enormity and different aspects of the subject. We were drawn into Sacred Geometry, and Cosmological, Astrological, Binary etc concepts which I found enthralling. His passion tirelessly carried us through to the end of his gripping presentation. In my mind, Master Nicholas wove a tapestry of threads (mostly black and white – Yin and Yang style!) upon which a picture of the entire story of existence took shape, until all the threads were connected and an awesome, simple understanding of ‘the mystery of it all’ was revealed. I look forward to listening to this talk again on Master Nicholas’s website and hope it will be up and running soon.

~Clare Marsh London, March 30th,2017

On 16th March ’17, I met Nicholas for the first time and had a session with him. The reverberations from this session continue to flow throughout my whole living field! Nicholas’ divination illuminated something that had not been spelled out to me so clearly before. We talked about love, the longing to bring loving quality into all of life. I can remember this longing from early times and in those times thought it was to do with a singular relationship with another. Now I know that the ensouled, embodied intention is to be a conduit for that Love which pervades all of time and space and yet derives from neither time nor space. When Nicholas explored my Life’s Purpose, I realized that being this conduit makes me truly happy, especially when the transmission is whole-hearted and full-bodied. And this loving pours into Han, the miraculous character who ‘arrived’ and became a book, through other writing and movement and qi gong and my therapy work and through friendships and family – and the family of humanity – and through making pictures and my garden. The ‘Joy’ Nicholas spoke of, in concurrence with love, is the joy of loving people and nature and the Mystery and music and the miracle-sensations and experiencing of the body, the humor and play and, and, and…. all the 10,000 things. Indeed – in the other moving sphere of the figure 8 – in those moments of human loneliness and fear and contraction I find I can arrive at the point where I embrace it all and sink into the dantien, at the bottom of the deepest well, to find love and solace right there for this human creature. It was marvelous for me as a t’ai chi practitioner of many years, and a qi gong teacher, to meet Nicholas and to flow with him in the stream of his awareness, experience and wisdom of these great practices. I found generosity, warmth and straight-forward immediacy in his presence.

~Barbara Brown (Bibi) 3/17/2017

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