Lama Nicholas Packard Biography

Nicholas Packard was born in the United States and received a post-graduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Philosophy and speaks four languages.  He has traveled worldwide and lived in many parts of the world, including Italy, India, China, and Thailand. But, after many years of writing plays and directing theatre in both America and in Europe, he renounced everything, gave all material goods away and went to live in the Himalayan Mountains in northern India for a period of 10 years. After these ten years, Lama Nicholas moved to the mountains of China is search of a spiritual world. There he studied Chinese medicine and philosophy.  He trained with Grand Masters such as, GAO yang Meng, Yongqiu Xiao, and Lizhong Chen in the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong and holistic principles of healing.

His passion for helping others has led him to unselfishly put any concerns for himself aside in order to be of service to others.  While thousands were trying to flee countries such as Japan and Indonesia following the earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear reactor disasters of 2004 and 2011, and recent floods in Bangkok, Lama Nicholas entered these territories to do anything and everything he could to help the men, women and children stricken with cholera and radioactivity, and other health concerns.

For the past 30 years, Lama Nicholas has dedicated his life to spirituality and to the study and learning of ancient cultures and their philosophies. He believes the most beneficial study for himself has been that of the healing arts of the Tao, a product of Chinese philosophy.  He further believes that the I Ching – The Book of Changes, Feng Shui, the Chinese discovery of Qi, and the Universal Principles of Yin and Yang, were perhaps the greatest contribution the Chinese have made to world civilization. As a firm believer in the ancient wisdom and healing arts of the Tao, Lama Nicholas combines the Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese Taoist philosophies of spiritual cultivation and development and uses the principles of Qigong, Acupressure, and Numerology in a holistic approach to understanding and treating the causes of an individual’s illness and imbalance. He feels the study and practice of these principles provide a “missing link” to how man can come to find balance, treat illness, and have a spiritually fulfilling life in modern times.

A far cry from his distant past in the art world, Lama Nicholas has come to devote his entire life towards selflessly healing people from all walks of life and educating them on the principles of holism and spirituality.  In the process of steadfastly cultivating the Qi, Lama Nicholas has become a proficient healer.  His ability to heal has led him all over the world….to be among the poorest of poor and also to be among the kings and queens, princes and princesses of many countries where he asks for nothing in return for his work with them.  Despite his remarkable healing gift, Lama Nicholas strongly believes that people have to take responsibility for their health, which they can do by regulating their food habits, their bodies and minds, their Qi and, perhaps most importantly, by regulating their spirits.

Lama Nicholas Packard is the Founder and President of the NGO established in the United States, named the Tao of Holistic Living.  He goes around the world giving lectures and inspirational talks on wisdom, health and wellbeing and how to achieve balance in these unhealthy and stressful times.

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