Concept of Qigong

‘…training mind to direct qi to produce phenomena and healing result…’

Qi is the vital energy or the life force on the inside and the outside of the body. Gong means to make it work and to produce energy. Qigong means practitioner training mind to direct Qi on the inside and the outside of the obdy to produce phenomena and healing result.


Being an art of self-training both body and mind as well as sending forth external Qi, Qigong created by Chinese people in the long process of life, labor and fight against disease and aging, has the function of preventing and curing disease; protecting and strengthening health and longevity.


Qigong is an art and skill to train Qi to be exact. It is a method by which the practitioner gets his/her physical and mental self-exercise through bringing into plays his/her subjective initiative. To achieve this goal, the practitioner must associate his/her mind, postures and breathing and act on the whole organism. On the other hand, it actively self-regulates the functional activity of the organism and maintains a dynamic balance. It enables the body to produce an energy-storing reaction, reducing energy consumption and increasing energy accumulation producing the effect of regulating yin and yang, smoothing the meridian channel and emitting external Qi.


Qigong is part of Wu Chi (Wu Ji) cultivation. It is a way to produce elixir and it eventually leads to immortality.

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