Master Nicholas is a Qigong healer, which is an energy and spirit-based healing modality originating from China and based on the concept of Qi [“chee”], or life force, that animates all living things. In order to remain healthy, one must balance this energy [Qi] and ensure that it flows freely and naturally throughout the body.

Disease occurs when the flow of this vital energy is blocked [stagnant] or unbalanced. Energy therapies like Qigong place great emphasis on regulating the Qi, breath, mind and body so as to balance and direct energy and spirit within the body, to activate self-healing, and create homeostasis.

Master Nicholas has spent many years living as a hermit in the mountains of China working on and cultivating his own vital energy and life force [Qi] and learning how to channel it in order to help others who are in need. He has studied Tai Chi/Qigong with great Masters and teachers, all for the purpose of increasing his ability to help and educate others to learn about and facilitate their own Qi and its freedom to flow naturally and unimpeded. After many years of study, practice and healing he is convinced that most disease comes about as a result of blocked [stagnant] Qi in the body, or an unbalanced flow of Qi circulating in the system.

In Chinese medicine, there is a saying: “Where there is pain there is blocked communication. Where there is open communication there is no pain.” Pain for the Chinese comes from both a physical and mental origin. The primary purpose of any of the healing arts is to maintain a free and flowing communication within the body and mind. Qi is the leading facilitator of body-mind communication. Qi follows the mind; what you think and concentrate upon directs the flow of Qi. If the mind is calm and clear, the flow of Qi will be calm and clear too and, as a result, the communication between mind and body will be free flowing and naturally healthy.

But if the mind is agitated or depressed, the flow of energy will be agitated and depressed respectively, negatively affecting the body and its health and wellbeing. By the same token, if the body organs are sick this will affect the blood and Qi flow, which will in turn affect the states of one’s mental and emotional health and well being.

It is impossible to separate one from the other; each forms an inextricable link in the matrix of life, in which all is holistically connected and dependent upon the other. If the Qi is in any way blocked or imbalanced, it will affect the internal flow of Qi, which will adversely affect the internal organs and, consequently, all forms of communication. Nothing can be seen in isolation or separate from the whole—neither from a somatic level nor a psychological one.

As far as Master Nicholas is concerned, not only is blocked communication the cause of all illness and disorder, but all healing techniques and therapies should be judged on their ability to enhance communication, whether within ourselves, with others, or in our relationship to the world.

As he sees it, inherently blocked communication is blocked energy and blocked energy arises from either or both the mind and physical body. Whether the source [of illness] is mental or physical trauma, habitual dietary indiscretions, an emotion such as fear, living outside of nature’s natural environment and rhythms, the day-to-day stresses in one’s life, or something else, ultimately an energetic blockage is created. Unless resolved, blockages do in time become more problematic and, as a result, disease ensues.

Pain is the main indicator that an energy blockage exists. Pain can be very subtle in nature, such as a feeling of anxiety, worry or mild distress, or it can be very physical and extremely debilitating, such as the pain from a fractured bone or wound. Pain is the mind’s and body’s way of drawing awareness to an area in need of healing.

But sometimes the awareness of pain becomes suppressed when survival is at stake or when the survival instinct becomes distorted by chronic unconscious emotional patterns such as fear and shame. These emotional patterns are usually potent and habitual. Whenever energy is blocked, there probably exists an underlying feeling or thought in need of releasing. So making a person aware is an effective form of refining and integrating the mind with the body and an essential component of the healing process.

According to Master Nicholas it is the person who gets sick first; the body follows suit. Thus, it is the healer’s responsibility to look into and investigate the person first and get to know the ‘root’ cause of the disease and then to treat those affected areas that are consequently blocked or unbalanced whatever their origin, be it psychological, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

As he sees it, it is impossible to look at and diagnose somebody without looking at the ‘whole’ person. Rather than reducing a cause of disease down to its singular symptom, or location, he believes it is imperative to look at and analyze a person in his or her entirety, which one can only do by looking at all aspects of a person, i.e. his/her emotional, mental and physical well being and how they are influencing and impacting each other.

But not all responsibility for healing should fall on the shoulders of the healer. Master Nicholas also maintains that the patients have a great responsibility in healing themselves as well. The patient should not passively submit to treatment, but instead should be an active participant in the healing process. A person can actively participate by focusing upon and integrating the mental, emotional, or physical impressions that arise in a healing session.

By consciously becoming aware of the mental, emotional and physical impressions, followed by their acceptance and integration, the underlying blockages can be completely released. Generally this does not happen all at once, but rather over time while focusing on the particular blockage. For unless the underlying cause or pattern can be discovered and integrated into the patient’s awareness and as a result his/her patterns of behavior and habits are changed, one can expect a reappearance of the same or even more intensified blockage and disease.

In Chinese martial arts it is said that spirit leads the mind, the mind leads the Qi, the Qi leads the breath, the breath leads the body, and the body leads the spirit. If one is to be healthy, each one must be balanced and properly working in unity with the others. But if something goes wrong and the sequence and balance are disturbed, then there is a communication breakdown, which is usually followed by disease and illness. So if one wants good health, then one must be aware of the interaction of the above and do everything to maintain and regulate their equilibrium. For this reason, the healing process requires different treatment for different illnesses.

Master Nicholas offers an integral approach to health, the understanding of illness and restoration of wellbeing, as well as the relationship between mind and body. In practice, this means that he incorporates energetic theory, numerology, and acupressure, hands-on Qigong healing techniques, Tai Chi and Qigong exercises, diet, natural therapeutics and strong intuitive skills.

Basically speaking, his healing focuses on removing blockages externally and internally. Once removed, the qi can flow uninterruptedly and the patient can heal himself naturally. These practices are primarily adapted from traditional Chinese medicine, internal alchemy, spirituality and ancient sources.

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