This was no ordinary healing experience. Nicholas didn’t ask for symptoms; he began by gaining a deep understanding of me through numerology and Chinese astrology. Only then did we progress through a combination of ancient-but-modern energy techniques, as Nicholas “spoke” (and listened) to my body based on the Eastern meridian map. Last, and most powerful, was the spiritual healing, during which he uses himself as the conduit of clearing and releasing.

The result was an energetic lightning, a freedom of movement and thought, as well as relief from a painful bone injury in my arm. An impressive demonstration of a clear channel of God’s healing power.
~Sharon Jebens, Manager-Wings’s Bookstore. St Petersburg, February 2017

I met Lama Nicholas through a beloved mutual friend of ours. She brought him to Unity of Naples, and as he approached me I felt a ripple of excitement and slight apprehension, because I could tell he was not what he appeared to be as he walked toward me. Lama Nicholas is an assuming man in a body of clothing that houses an ancient soul; and as healing practitioner, he has surrendered his life to being a channel of healing light. It is fascinating to hear him talk about, and experience him practicing, these ancient arts. I have felt seen, cared for, and grateful for being uplifted in his presence.
~Diane Scribner Clevenger, Senior Minister, Unity of Naples, Naples FL, February 2017

On Thursday 23rd March 2017 I attended Master Nicholas’s talk on “Order” (Universal no less!) With his love for humanity and passion for this subject, he took us on an amazing journey from ‘Day One of Creation’ to the explicable (dis)order of today down here on Planet Earth. His premise (and promise) from the start was that he would prove to us that the information he had come to share was not about belief, but scientific fact. I thought the talks was beautifully presented, supported by slides explaining the enormity and different aspects of the subject. We were drawn into Sacred Geometry, and Cosmological, Astrological, Binary etc concepts which I found enthralling. His passion tirelessly carried us through to the end of his gripping presentation. In my mind, Master Nicholas wove a tapestry of threads (mostly black and white – Yin and Yang style!) upon which a picture of the entire story of existence took shape, until all the threads were connected and an awesome, simple understanding of ‘the mystery of it all’ was revealed. I look forward to listening to this talk again on Master Nicholas’s website and hope it will be up and running soon.

~Clare Marsh London, March 30th,2017

I got terribly sick a year ago that my 8 doctors were primed to pump me with steroids. Knowing the adverse side effects that go with that treatment, I sought Nicholas’ help to guide me up the holistic path. As our journey continues, he has helped heal my illness and in the process I was able to understand and synthesize a lot of deep seated mental and emotional experiences (positive and especially negative) that have shaped me. The information about myself and the tools I have learned from him are truly life changing. I feel better and happier!

~Vikki Aquino, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2014

I would like to thank you sincerely for all your efforts and blessings in my healing process. I had just finished Chemotherapy and was declared cancer free from advanced stage Ovarian Cancer. However, Chemotherapy had left me very weak with many side effects. I was very low on energy, had many muscular aches, very poor digestion and suffered from chemo brain. With your dedication and regular sessions, my energy levels went up and you helped me address most of the pains and aches which today have all gone away. My digestion improved. In about ten days of treatment I was walking 2-3 kms daily and now, six months later – am able to do 9 kms !! Overall, all your advice and tips on holistic living and diet helped me immensely. You are a true man of God and your divine prayers and blessing keep me cancer free till date. I wouldn’t have reached where I am without your healing and blessings. Your energy & calmness was infectious and I was always rejuvenated post the sessions. Your understanding of the human body is par excellence. I still recall I would see you in great pain with tears in my eyes and you just had to touch a few spots and the pain would go away – your hands are blessed and I haven’t come across anyone who can do this with so much humbleness and dedication. It was God’s blessing that I was able to have healing sessions with you – words will never be enough to express my gratitude and thanks for getting me back on my feet at one of Life’s weakest moments.

~Ritu, New Delhi, India, August 2014

My coming into contact with Nicholas was by a sheer luck of providence. I have witnessed a miracle with his advent into my life. His healing touch made me recover from a very serious medical predicament. The positivity surrounding him can be sensed and is pleasantly infectious. He has the unique ability to logically build up a mosaic of ideas which are interwoven beautifully and put across as truths which we have become oblivious to due to repeated, sustained brainwashing and stereotyped indoctrination. His presence unshackles the soul from endless worries, burdens and fears. His voice and talks have a smoothing calmness and are uplifting. The acupressure technique releases blockages of energy and his divine connection infuses a definite positive healing touch. He provides holistic solutions for a better life which includes diet, breathing techniques, Taichi exercises which purify both the body and the mind. He empowers you to bring about a transformation in your lives. He made a skeptic like me to believe in miracles. He has taught me how to overcome my fears and focus on my present and my blessings. I wish his knowledge and divine healing brings about a similar change in countless lives as I have experienced.

– Neeraj Trivedi, New Delhi, India, January 2014

I was extremely lucky to have had the great fortune to attend Mr. Packard’s seminar at Qingyang Temple Lecture Hall last week. His passion, wisdom, and wonderful talk have deeply touched my soul. I still remember very well when I was at the university, studying with Mr.Packard. I must confess that I was always quite confused when attending his classes on Chinese philosophy, since I could never really understand what he was trying to say. However, after I finished my studies, and through several years of gaining work experience, coupled with some understanding of Buddhism, I am pleased to say that this time, after hearing his talks, they resonated with me quite profoundly. Now I suddenly realize how lucky I was to be Mr. Packard’s student, because Mr. Packard is truly a great master. Not only can he give students so much knowledge and wisdom with his teachings, but he can also help students grow spiritually for which I am extremely grateful. I feel very grateful and blessed for having such a great teacher. I sincerely hope that Mr. Packard will be able to give more lectures of such kind in Chengdu so that many more people can be benefited. Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Packard, he is the best and greatest life mentor to me. I will forever respect and love him.

Eileen Lv, Chengdu, Sichuan Province China, September 2013

I have been blessed both by God and a great healer. Just when I had given up any hope at being healthy and normal again in life, my friend told me that a healer was in town and recommended that I paid him a visit. His healing technique is holistic. He does reflexology to clear the blockages in the meridians. I was suffering with a lot of problems physically. I could not really walk even for half a kilometer nor could I ehar clearly because of the sinus problem. My doctor had suggested surgery, but I refused. I was having severe vertigo and pain in my ears. I tried allopathy, homeo, and ayurvedic medicine too, but I simply had lost hope. Then my friend called and asked me to come to her home. I went and met Nicholas. He started talking about my problems. I was wondering how he coudl help me. He explained to me that he works o meridians which are inside our body. These meridians pass through our palms and soles. If he presses on them, the blockages are removed and the blood can circulate well so can energy, thus heals my body. He also takes help of higher forces while healing. As he started my treatement, the mucous started draining out from my body which was unbelievable. Ten days later I was perfectly fine. My ears are clear and I can hear again, and hear very well. For me it was a MIRACLE. Today I still visit Nicholas because of my shoulder problem which has disabled my walking ability. Now two weeks have passed, and I can walk for 30 minutes every day. I have also lost about one kilo. My skin has also started breathing. Lastly I would say it’s the trust and total surrender then only healing can happen. Nicholas touches your soul. For me it’s a new life.

Naren Bhatia, Dehradun India, July 2013

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