“The most Divine art is healing. It must occupy itself with the soul as well as the body.”                                                         –Pythagoras.


To heal, really heal, one must become whole, which is what healing means, to become whole. To help one become whole, one must heal an individual uniting all aspects of his being, meaning his emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.


To do less, by healing only a part, be it a psychological part, or a physical part, or a spiritual part, is still doomed to failure, as the underlying cause of one’s illness, his separation from the whole, has not been altered.


Though his physical or psychological condition may improve through drugs or therapy, his underlying problem, i.e. his imbalance or lack of unity has not improved, in that he will still see his reality as defined by the physical, emotional, mental or psychological aspect of his being.


One major reason why cancer therapy fails is because the drugs only affect the individual part, and never confront the root cause, or the underlying cause of disease.


His perception of reality has not changed, thus his reality, in absolute terms, has not changed either. At an unconscious or subconscious level, he/she still perceives himself as separate from the whole, thus he has not been healed. Wholeness has not been achieved; therefore one can expect problems to resume.


But re-unite him with the whole, and his greater Self [as distinct from his lesser self, or ego], and we can start to see the healing process in action. The individual no longer identifies himself by his own individuality or by the separate parts of his being. In other words, he is no longer separate from the whole.


Rather he is one with the whole, and he is healed. And that reality of oneness and wholeness will manifest on a physical level, and the disease or the feeling of disharmony will vanish.


But for all this to happen, for real healing to happen, both healer and healed must surrender and suspend reason and open the gates to one’s imagination.


Everything is in a constant state of becoming. Life is always changing; nothing can ever be reproduced or duplicated as it was. Though reality, i.e. life is in a constant state of death and renewal, our mental and emotional perceptions do not necessarily keep pace with these changes, but instead still cling to the past.


This is how we become ill, by superimposing our perceptual reality on reality itself, thereby refusing to ‘see’ the wholeness of being, but seeing life through our own eyes and vision, and trying to make others conform to our views and definitions.


We live in fear of the unknown and rather than being open to this uncertainty, we cling to what is known, for at least this gives our lives a semblance of control and stability. It roots us in something, even if it is a flawed or false existence; it is at least a known entity so preferable to the truth


But it does not permit us to be whole, because wholeness comes from an understanding that our vision of separation is but an illusion. To be whole we must accept that WE ARE ALREADY WHOLE.


To do this, we must accept the ESSENCE of our existence and stop identifying only with its material FORM. Then real healing can begin.


But it is the same…thing. One cannot separate the ESSENCE from the FORM, no more than one can separate emptiness from the glass. Neither can exist independent of the other. Without emptiness, a glass cannot exist. And without a glass, emptiness can not exist.


It is the mind and its need to separate that creates all the difficulties.


“Things” would be all right if we didn’t think so much. Actually we would understand a lot more if only the mind would get out of the way. But it can’t- because its existence depends on its analytical faculties. It must find reason, and it does so by separating and evaluating the component parts.


But this is the very reason why wholeness eludes us. Because the mind’s job is to analyze, and to do so it must divide things into parts. We cannot find wholeness when the mind is forever breaking things down.


Wholeness is threatening to the mind, as the mind finds purpose in separating, but loses its identity [and function] when it is whole.


It self-destructs, so to speak, or obliterates in wholeness. But that is exactly what is necessary for us, and for our well-being. Only when the mind is no longer in control can we give vent to our imaginations and find the ESSENCE in the FORM.


This is exactly why psychology alone cannot heal us. Since its greatest tool is analysis, it must by nature separate and evaluate the person. By doing so, it creates a schism so to speak, a disconnect, or a gulf between the spiritual and material worlds


So the patient can never really heal during the process, since he cannot find wholeness in the psychological experience, since the experience is all about the material form of conflicts and their separation, division, identification and analysis.


One cannot have a psychological experience in silence. Instead one must be verbal or outside and separate form others to participate.


This is the problem with psychology. It can never be a spiritual experience, since it emphasizes the form. And in this way, people can never feel united with their ESSENCE


In other words, they can never find wholeness, so how can they be healed? By the same token, when we go to a doctor for a cure, and he orders an MRI to analyze the cause of our disease, how can we expect any healing, deprived of the spiritual element?

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